2018 Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules and General Information

NOTE: All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically modified by these rules. Format Teams are guaranteed three games.

A. General Information

• Restrooms will be available on the playing grounds; showers will not be available.

• Water and food will be provided throughout the tournament to participants. Participants should bring own water bottles, as cups are limited.

• Official DC SCORES Cup team shirts will be provided to all participants; they are to be worn during all tournament games. **If you have more than 15 players, they may wear shirts that are the same color as the T-shirts.

• Shin guards are required. Teams are expected to bring any necessary goalkeeper equipment. Wearing jewelry is prohibited. Game balls will be provided.

First Aid
• A trainer will be present throughout the tournament (tent located between fields 5/6 & 7/8).

Fair Play Award
• At the conclusion of the tournament, referees and DC SCORES staff will nominate one team for the Fair Play Award. The team with the most nominations will be awarded Fair Play Award winner. Fair play includes respectful conduct towards the rules, referees, opponents, and DC SCORES staff and volunteers.

Trash & Recycling
Each team is responsible for picking up all its trash and recyclables and leaving the fields as they were before the tournament. NO FOOD (including oranges & orange peels!) is allowed to be consumed on the fields. Please eat at the designated lunch tents in the parking lot.

B. Eligibility
• All players must be 18 years of age or older by June 23, 2018, to be eligible to play in the tournament.
• Players are only allowed to be listed on a single roster.
• Players must be listed on their team’s final roster to play in any tournament matches.
• All players must sign a waiver of liability before participating in any matches. Waivers are due at the same time as their team’s final rosters are due (before a team’s first game).
• Each player must present proper identification if requested by tournament administration. Any player that is unable to produce proper identification will not be allowed to play in any tournament matches. Ineligible players who have already participated in tournament matches will have those team’s matches forfeited and that player WILL NOT play in any remaining matches.
• Any color socks or shorts may be worn with team shirts.

C. Tournament Format

• At the end of round robin play, each group winner in both divisions will advance to the playoffs.
• The playoffs will take place immediately following round robin play Saturday afternoon

Standings will be based on each team’s win-loss-tie record throughout the preliminary games. At the completion of the preliminary games, points will be added to determine which teams will continue into the playoffs. Using a 10-point scoring system, points will be awarded as follows:
• 6 points for a win;
• 3 point for a tie;
• 0 points for a loss;
• 1 point per goal (3 Maximum);
• 1 point for a shutout.

If there is a tie in points in the standings at the conclusion of the group stage, tiebreakers will be used in the following order to determine which team advances:
• Head to Head: Team 1 and Team 3 have the highest points in a given bracket; however Team 1 beat Team 3 during the preliminary round. Team 1 will advance.
• If the teams are still tied, the team that allowed the fewest goals over the first five games will advance.
• Goal Differential: the team with the higher goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) in the games will advance.
• If teams are still tied, a penalty kick shootout will determine who advances. Before the shootout, each team must designate seven players who are eligible to take the kicks.

Playoff Rules
• In the event of a tie, a 5-minute golden goal will be played. If there is no winner at the end of that period, a penalty kick shootout will take place in accordance with the rules below.
• From the team of players that is on the field at the end of overtime, five (no more than three of either gender) will be chosen to kick.
• If at the end of these five rounds of kicks the teams have scored an equal number of goals, sudden death rounds of one kick each are used until one side scores and the other does not. No player may kick again until every player who ended the game on the field has taken a kick.
• The penalty kick session will only include players that were on the field at the end of regulation play.

D. Rules of Play
• Field Dimensions Fields will be approximately 75 x 52.5; full-size goals will be used.
• Teams will play 7v7 including a goalkeeper.
• Teams may have no more than five players of either gender on the field at any one time. Players will not be allowed on the field until they have turned in a signed player waiver.
• Unless medically necessary, jewelry shall not be brought onto the field of play by any player or goalkeeper. Any medical bracelets must be taped down to the wrist. In order to play, necklaces, all other bracelets, earrings, wristwatches, any metal piercings, or hard metal/plastic hair clips must be removed prior to entering the field. Players wearing any of the above illegal equipment shall be required to substitute out by the referee.
• Each game will consist of one 25-minute period. The schedule may be condensed for weather related reasons.
• The offside rule will not be enforced. However, in the spirit of the game, persistent cherry-picking will not be allowed. The referee will use discretion to warn these players of unsportsmanlike behavior.
• THERE IS NO SLIDE TACKLING. If a player slide tackles and the slide results in a foul, a direct free kick will be awarded, and if warranted, a yellow/red card will be issued. If there is a slide tackle committed without a foul, an indirect freekick will be awarded to the opposing team and a warning will be issued to that player for the first infringement, and a yellow card will be issued to that player for any further slide tackles.
Red Cards
If a player receives a red card, he/she is ineligible for the team’s next game. If a team receives 4 red cards in a game, they forfeit.
Unlimited substitutions may be made on the fly as long as:
• No more than 2 players substitute within the same 30-second interval.
• The player entering the game and the player exiting do so at midfield.
• The player coming into the game yells “sub” upon entering
• The player exiting the game raises his or her hand
• The player exiting the game makes no effort on a ball in play.
o Failure to substitute properly will result in a yellow card for the player entering the game
o If a substituting player touches the ball or interferes with an opponent before leaving the field (examples: touches the ball; runs a pick of an opponent; distracts play with a word or gesture), the opponent is awarded an indirect free kick from the last spot where the ball was played – in addition to the violating player receiving a yellow card.
Any number of substitutions can be made during any dead ball (goal kick, kickoff, throw-in, corner kick, indirect kick) except for penalty kicks, when no substitutions can be made.
• Standard throw-ins will be used. Please note that this is a change from past years, when kick-ins were used.
No Punting OR dropkicks
• Goalies are not allowed to punt or dropkick the ball. They must throw the ball or play it from the ground. If a goalie punts/dropkicks the ball, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect freekick from the spot of the kick.
• There are no restrictions on how far a goalie can throw the ball or play it from the ground, and there are no restrictions on the length of a goal kick either.

All games will be officiated by USSF and/or VHSL certified referees. A majority of the referees during the tournament have donated their time to DC SCORES.