Capital for Children

Capital for Children supports innovative organizations that educate and empower the youth of Washington, DC. Our members are all leaders in the private equity community at firms with significant private equity investments or serving as senior level advisors to the community. Drawing on our professional experience as a private equity membership organization, we thoroughly vet our nonprofit investment partners, then through a mixture of financial investments and board participation, Capital for Children forms a partnership with our portfolio organizations. We aim to create relationships that leverage the network and expertise of our members in areas including: finance, audit, governance, strategic planning, and organization building. To date, we have invested over $800,000 in our partner organizations, as well volunteering countless hours as board members and informal advisors. Capital for Children’s nonprofit investment partners, including DC SCORES, help more than 5,600 children throughout Washington, DC each year. This is Capital for Children's third year participating in the DC SCORES Cup!